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DSW > index
New site launch
Among the news are:
   - Rename from Departure Software to DSW
   - New URL, dsw.eu
   - My personal site relegated to Blog/
   - New, MacUI-like layout
   - Better CSS code, easier to change
   - Less images
In general, the change should serve everyone well. Enjoy the new site and the exciting DSW utilities.

allDown 1.0 release
My new light-weight download client for All of MP3 has been launched. It's a very lightweight program, only occupying ~200K of space, and with quite limited functionality - nothing but the primary purpose:
Product image
As you probably can see, it's a cute, small app, built as a UB both for PPC/Intel. It uses agressive multithreading, and will attempt to download all files simultaneously, resulting in maximum throughput from the (sometimes slow) All of MP3.
> Product page